Sunday, July 28, 2013

A little piece of the outside world

After staying in for too long,I had started missing the outside world.I also got sick of how many screens surrounded my family.Introvert I may be, but I was longing for human contact (from a safe distance of course !)

So I logged in on my faithful 'Rusty' and checked for any activity where I could be surrounded by human warmth from a distance.It turned out there was an exhibition of various household and food items (Just in time for grocery ! )

We set out at late afternoon to the exhibition at the fair grounds.The entrance wasn't as crowded as I had expected,maybe because it was the fourth and second last day of the exhibit or maybe because we had got there as soon as the hall opened .

What ever the reason, this gave us an opportunity to check things out conveniently.There were stalls from a number of local and international companies but what really caught my eyes were the stall with all the traditional stuff.

Handmade Clay Plates,Pitchers,Glasses,Vases ,Casseroles

Traditional Moroccan Pottery

Traditional Vibrant Dresses

And Matching Footwear to go with them !

Mounds of Condiments and Spices

Traditional Lanterns

Although most of the stuff was overpriced and we didn't buy anything but it turned out be a worthwhile visit. The colors, tradition, spirituality, everything was so overwhelming in a warm way.

So my craving for human contact was quenched along with a bonus treat for the eyes !

Now i can happily have 'Rusty' roast my thighs while i conveniently 'slouch on the couch' and daydream about all the crafty projects i have in the pipeline  :)

Fuel your Passion,Grow as a Person  

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