Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All my favourite lists

This summer I had planned to stay back home and not travel.So obviously I had a lot of plans of

  1. creating
  2. repairing
  3. improving and 
  4. sorting stuff at home that had been lying in need of these procedures for a long time.

And just as we all do,I had plans of making these vacations the most productive ones ever.But turns out after exactly half of my vacations vaporized into thin, air i'm still on square one.
I had prepared for all my activities very well though ! I had scrupulously copied and prepared lists of things i had to do with and for my daughter.Although I can safely say all is not lost yet, ( I have another 4 weeks before the vacations end :(  ) but a little motivation can go a long way.I really need a push

So here's a list of all the lists (of activities) I had planned but still haven't gathered the enthusiasm to start :

  1. List of  indoor games when it gets too hot outside
  2. List of mod podge crafts
  3. List of paper crafts
  4. List of homemade clay crafts
  5. List of  things to draw daily for a month
  6. List of things to capture with a camera daily for a moth\
  7. List of things to sew
  8. List of things to crochet
  9. List of make up that can be made at home
  10. List of books to read with your kids 
  11. List of snacks to teach your 6 year old to make
  12. List of things to write about
  13. List of places to visit
  14. List of people to get in touch with ( Family and friends )
  15. List of topics to blog about
  16. List of stuff to prepare for Back to school activities
and of course

   17.List of exercises to get hard rock abs

I might have touched a few things here and there , but still not the hardcore way i had planned.
So now after I make this list public,I am assuming I will feel the compulsion and urge to at least pick and perform at the least one activity from each list.

Hope the couch will set me free !

Wish me luck people :)

Fuel your Passion,Grow as a Person   

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