Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Now I know why I Dally !

I complained in my previous post how I have been collecting lists of all the different activities I would like to do this summer, but haven't done anything yet.After posting I was a little flustered about how I had written a whole post about me not doing anything worthwhile and not trying to get to the root of my lethargy  laziness.

Last year I got my thyroid function tested because I had constantly been under the blues and never felt like getting out of bed,except  the times when I really,really had to do something like going to work or cooking food. I managed to find ways to escape these essential chores some way or the other.

But last night I was trying to gather why it was so.Then I realized i just needed to look around my room for the answer.



4 different types of smart phones
3 different laptops
A tablet

I just have way too much entertainment,information,comfort around me that keeps me pinned to my couch.
The only motivation I have are the motivational pins I see on pinterest.

I really need to do something about this.And it's not just me,it has got my family as well.

I would really love to hear your experience with the latest surge of smart phones and how to keep things under control.

Fuel your Passion,Grow as a Person  

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