Monday, July 29, 2013

Being Invisible in Class

As a Teacher my job ranges from teaching to organizing to inspiring to motivating to counseling to much much more.

I have to cater to the emotional,educational and social needs of 30 brains and beings in a 40 min time slot.
Every year i am handed over nearly 120 new souls to educate and improve.It takes me nearly a week and a half to get to know most of  them.Once i know them I remember them.
Well, most of them.

The invisible ones,they are the ones I find difficult to remember.
It takes longer to get to know them and it is harder to remember them.

They are the ones that tend to shy away for a number of reasons like
  • being introverts
  • having low self esteem
  • being sensitive to being ridiculed by peers
  • having language issues
  • not doing their lessons properly
But sometimes the reasons are so insignificant, we fail to realize that they might hold a child back from expressing his/her potential fully.Little things at home that keep a child occupied at school.The way parents interact with each other.The way they are their siblings treat with them.I believe sleeping patterns and favorite TV shows have a great influence on how a child behaves at School as well.

Many of these factors may not be proven scientifically to make a child shy but I personally have observed and experienced all these factors are involved in keeping a child from interacting much with peers and teachers.

If you are parent ,Talk to your child's teacher.
Being shy may be a painful personality trait passed on genetically, but sometimes just simple tweaks to lifestyles might be able to help a child interact better with peers and teachers and perform better at school.

I would love to know your opinion on what other factors make a child shy at school and how a teacher may help.

Fuel your Passion,Grow as a Person  

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